About Sommerles.no

Sommerles.no is the library's reading campaign for primary school pupils during the summer holidays. The campaign lasts from the 1st of June to the 31st of August. Participants collect XP (points) by solving challenges, visiting the local library for codewords, and, above all, reading and registering as many books as possible during the summer holidays. Participants also have exclusive access to a specially written Sommerles story by the author, Mari Moen Holsve.
Participants win digital trophies, and small prizes that they can collect at the library. There are many different prizes to choose from, and participants will be notified once they have collected enough XP to collect a prize.

Thank you to

  • Christer and Clare Eckermann at Snuti, along with Shaivya Saraswat for the development and design of Sommerles.no and translation of the website to English.
  • The workgroup for Sommerles.no in Viken County Library, for many hours of work to develop Sommerles, especially Drifa, Anne Kristi, Elin, Irene, Ingvild, Gjertrud, Anne Kari og Karen.
  • Vestfold and Telemark County Library for project management and work on the development of Sommerles.no, especially Siri, Pernilla, Tale, and Jan-Egil.
  • Mari Moen Holsve for writing a fantastic Sommerles story.
  • Knut Stave for translating Sommerles into Nynorsk.
  • Ánne Márjá Guttorm Graven for translating the Sommerles story into Northern Sami.
  • Kristine Rui Slettebakken and NLB for the audiobook version of the Sommerles story.
  • Leser søker bok for the support of Sommerles.no and proofreading of the Sommerles story.
  • Nafo for help with translation.
  • Foreningen les
  • All the participating libraries and library staff, for the positivity and enthusiasm for the Sommerles campaign.
  • Olaf Moriarty Solstrand/Ski Library and Akershus County Library for inspiration.
  • Twitter Emoji is used for the display of Emoji's